Special Purpose Machines

Name of the MachineMakeTraverse(mm)Max. work piece weight (kg)Special Features
Jig Grinding. Catmur. 420x270x250 300 Taper ±1.5º
Jig Boring. GSP. 800x600x585 300 With NC.
Vacuum Hardening. VFS. 457x356x610 300 10-5 Torr Vacuum: 10bar quenching pressure.
Power Hacksaw. ITL. Cutting Range – Round: Dia 400, Flat:400x220mm, Square 320x320mm. Perpendicular within ±0.1 mm over 100 mm length.
Mold Spotting & Try-out Press Machine.Ree's & CoMaschinenClamping Surface L1300mm x W 1000 mm, Columns 1050mm.