DTDM, Machine Operation & Other CNC related Courses (DDUGKY & Others)

Notes on Mould Theory 

Introduction to Basic Milling

Basic Milling (Credit-1)

Basic Milling (Credit-2)

Basic Milling (Credit-3)

Basic Milling (Credit-4)

Basic Milling (Credit-5)

Basic Milling (Credit-6)

Notes on Steel Metal Operation 

Notes on Bending & Forming Tools 

Notes of Sheet Metalworking 

Notes of Press Tools

English Communication 

English Communication – II

CNC Turning & Milling/Advance CNC Machining Courses (DDUGKY, NSQF & Others)

MCQ of Workshop Technology

MCQ of Engineering Metrology 

Notes on Engineering Metrology

Notes of Workshop Technology

MCQ of Lathe/Milling/Drilling/Grinding

Notes on CNC Turning & Milling

MCQ of Engineering Drawing

AutoCAD Course Study Material 

AutoCAD Notes

AutoCAD Study Material (Electrical)       

AutoCAD Drawing Assignment (Civil)

AutoCAD Drawing Assignment (Mechanical)

Engineering Drawing 

Engineering Drawing Notes      

Engineering Drawing Assignment

Advance Surveying

Advance Surveying Note

Revit Architecture 

MCQ of Revit Architecture

Embedded System

Short Questions & Answers for Embedded System

Samsung Technical School Courses 

Room Air Conditioner & Home Appliances (RACHA)

Hand-Held Products (HHP)

Audio-Video (AV)

Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface Study Material

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Study Material

MCQ of Industrial Automation


Hydraulic Study Material

Electrical Hardware Logic Control

Electrical Hardware Logic Control Study Material

Hardware & Network Management

Short Questions on Network Theory 


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