Advanced Repair & Industrial Skill Enhencement

Sl. Name of the Course Duration Details of Course/Eligibility Application Form
01 Tablets, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone etc.
(Handh Tablets, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone etc.
(Handheld Products-HHP)

LED, LCD, Plasma TV, Home Theater
(Audio Video-AV)

2 Months Please Click Here Please Click Here
02 LED, LCD, Plasma TV, Home Theater
(Audio Video-AV)
2 Months Please Click Here Please Click Here
03 Room Air Conditioner & Home Appliances – RACHA
Split AC: Conventional & Inverter Model. Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave
Oven, etc.
4 Months Please Click Here Please Click Here

Commencing date for all courses: 1st week of January, April, July & October

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