Introduction of RTI Act

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The Right to Information Bill was passed by the Parliament on 13 th May 2005 . The Bill got the Presidential assent on 15th June 2005 to become the Right to Information Act 2005.Right to Information Act is an Act to provide for freedom to every citizen to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, consistent with public interest, in order to promote openness, transparency and accountability in administration and in relation to matters connected there with. To bring about transparency and accountability and to implement the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2005, MSME Tool Room (Central Tool Room and Training Centre), Kolkata has designated Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) for dissemination of information.

In case Information is not available as provided hereunder the said information can be sought under the Right to Information Act, 2005 by applying in the prescribed format. The format along with prescribed fees(Rs.2/- per page for printed information, Rs.50/- information in Floppy(per floopy) and Rs.100/- in CD (per CD)may be deposited and a date for receiving the information would be given to the applicant.

However, as under RTI Act no fees will be charged for the persons below poverty line, the request for obtaining information under sub section 1 and section 6 shall be accompanied by the application fees of Rs. 10/- by way of cash against proper receipt or bank draft or bankers cheque payable to “CENTRAL TOOL ROOM & TRAINING CENTRE, KOLKATA”.

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