WIRE EDM Duration: 1 or 2 Months
Introduction & history of EDM and Wire EDM, knowledge about EDM machining technology. Basic knowledge & operating of a CNC Wire EDM machine, Manual programing. CAM programming with CAD- Link software, practically set and cut a job. Course Coordinator – Mr. Arjun Biswas (mob- 9830487179).
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma / I.T.I
INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Duration: 1 or 3 Months
Hands on Training on Conventional Machining. Over view in CNC Machining & Non- conventional Machining. – Course Coordinator – Mr. Arjun Biswas (mob- 9830487179)
Eligibility: Diploma / I.T.I / Industrial background.
NX 10 Duration: 1 or 3 Months
Introduction of NX, Sketch, Part Modelling, Surface Modelling ,Drafting, Assembly, Core and         Cavity Extraction, Machining etc. – Course Coordinator – Mr. Anindya Kr. Das. (9903201942)
Eligibility: BE / Diploma(Mech. or equivalent)
3Ds MAX Duration: 1 or 3 Months
Introduction of 3Ds Max, Modeling using different tools, Material Texture and Maps Concept, Lighting, Camera and Animation etc. – Course Coordinator – Mr. Anindya Kr. Das. (9903201942)
Eligibility: BE / Diploma (Civil or equivalent)
3D Printing & 3D Scanning Duration: 1 Month
3D Printing & 3D Scanning Batch size 20 nos. (first come first serve basis) Course Coordinator – Mr. Arjun Biswas (mob- 9830487179).
Eligibility: Class 10 / vocational course / I.T.I / Diploma / B. Tech

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