CNC Milling Machine – HAAS VF-9

Specification: Travel: X-2000mm ,Y-1000mm, Z-762mm , Load Table: 16000 Kg.
Accuracy: +- 0.02 mm
RPM: 15000

Major benefits

  • Bigger Capacity of Job loading 2000 X 1000 X 750 mm.
  • Accuracy is +-0.02 mm.
  • High Spindle of 15000 rpm.
  • Vector Drive Controller.



Jig Grinding Machine

Specification: Travel: X-420mm ,Y-270mm, Z-250mm, Load Table: 3000 Kg.
Accuracy: +- 0.005 mm

Major benefits

  • Very High Positional Accuracy of +-0.005mm.
  • Irregular and regular shape jobs grinding possible.
  • Very High Surface finish achievable.



CNC Milling Machine – HAAS VF-9

Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Specification: Grinding Diameter: 400 mm, Grinding Length: 650 mm,
Table Load: 130 Kg.
Accuracy: +- 0.005 mm

Major benefits

  • High Accuracy Grinding (Cylindrical) internal/external (+-0.005mm).
  • Grinding Length 650 mm/Dia 400 mm.
  • Load Capacity 130 Kgs.



Vacuum Heat Treatment Plant

Specification: Capacity: 457 mm X 356 mm X 610 mm
Weight Capacity: 300 Kgs.

Major benefits

  • No Oxidation (Due to inert gas atmosphere) during heating/cooling cycle, hence no scale formation.
  • No/ Minimal Thermal Distortion.
  • Bright Surface achievable.
  • Precision Programmable Heating/Cooling Control achievable.



CNC Milling Machine – BMV-70

Specification: Travel: X-1500mm ,Y-800mm, Z-800mm, Load Table: 2000 Kg.
Accuracy: +- 0.015 mm

Major benefits

  • 4 Axis Operation (including D Axis).
  • Loading Capacity 2 Ton.
  • Bigger Capacity of Job loading 1500 X 800 X 800 mm .



CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

Specification: Travel: X-1000mm ,Y-800mm, Z-600mm
Accuracy: +- 0.005 mm

Major benefits

  • Capacity 1000 X 800 X 600 mm job work.
  • Software Compatibility for Irregular 3D Shape.
  • Specialized Probes for specialized jobs (mainly used for Reverse Engineering).




Optical Projection System

Working Area: 180 X 130 mm.

Major benefits

  • Optical magnification available upto 50X.
  • Accuracy +- 0.1 % of basic size.
  • Micrometer Heads of Least Count 0.001 mm.





CNC Turning Machine

Specification: Turning Diameter: 400 mm, Turning Length: 650 mm,
Table Load: 150 Kg.
Accuracy: +- 0.015 mm

Major benefits

  • Threading Cycle can be done.
  • Tool Offset compensation available.
  • Canned Cycle can be done



CNC EDM Machine

Specification: Travel: X-250mm ,Y-160mm, Z-250mm, Load Table: 200 Kg.
Accuracy: +- 0.01 mm

Major benefits

  • High Speed (Cutting Rate) Operation possible.
  • High Accuracy Taper Cut at higher U and V travel achievable.
  • Automatic Wire Threading possible.



Deckel Maho 5-Axis Universal Machining Centre

Specification: Travel: 600mm X 700mm X 550mm, Load on Table: 600 Kg.

Major benefits

  • 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining ATC-60 Nos.
  • 3D Tool Offset and Tool Compensation.
  • +118 Degree/-65 Degree tilt in B Axis possible.


Item of Equipment / Machine Model / Make Capacity Accuracy Achievable
CNC Milling Schman 1200mmX 1000mmX675mm
1500 Kg
+ – 0.02
CNC Milling WF 21 D-1/ Mikron 450mmX400mmX400mm
400 Kg
+- .015
CNC Milling 5 axes DMC 60U/ Deckle Maho 500mmX700mmX550mm
600 Kg
+- .015
CNC Milling VF 9/ HAAS 2000mmX1000mmX762mm
1600 Kg
+- .02
CNC Milling BMV 70/ BFW 1500mmX800mmX720mm
2000 Kg
+- .015
CNC Milling BMV 60 BMV 60/ BFW 1000mmX600mmX600mm
1200 Kg
+- .015
CNC Milling BMV 45 BMV 45/ BFW 600mmX450mmX500mm
500 Kg
+- .015
CNC Turning AA/ Ikegai Ø 470mm X 650mm
150 Kg
+- .015
CNC EDM NX4/ ONA 600mm X 400mmX 370mm
1500 Kg (12 Kg Electroe weight)
+- .005
CNC WEDM AF 35/ONA 1060mm X 750mm X 400 MM (UV Axes- 120 X 120) 1500 Kg +-.005
CNC Wire cut Sprint/ AGIE 300mmX200mmX224mm
300 Kg
CNC EDM- AGIETRON/ AGIE 250mmX160mmX250mm
200 Kg
Jig-boring GSP 800mmX600mmX585mm
300 kg
+- .02
Jig Grinding- Catmur 420mmX270mmX250mm
300 Kg
+- .005
Cylindrical grinding Studer Ø400mmX650mm
130 Kg
Surface Grinding- Kent 1000mm X 500mm
300 Kg
+- .015
Vacuum Heat Treatment VFS 24” X 18” X 12”

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