With increase in demand of mobile learning.. MSME TOOL ROOM, KOLKATA specially designed some e-learning courses, for bloggers and entrepreneurs, by which one can establish, also it could help to get a ticket of leadership.

This may help for executives, managers and learners who are actively seeking solutions to support enterprise and development efforts.

In the current era, where technology is rapidly evolving, education has also taken the support of internet and now offers convenient ways to help increase the knowledge, education and literacy status of people. E-learning platform provides anywhere, anytime easy access for up gradation of knowledge and skills. It provides a platform wherein the individual gets a customized package related to key thematic areas, through a self-guided process.

e-Learning courses provide an enabling platform by virtue of which the professionals can upgrade their knowledge without going for regular courses.

e-Learning Courses Offered:

Course Name Course Fee Course Duration
Basic VLSI Rs. 3600 90 days
Advance VLSI Rs. 4000 90 days
Basic PLC Rs. 3600 90 days
Advance PLC Rs. 4000 90 days

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