With a view to foster the growth of the SME sector in the country, MSME Tool Room, Kolkata (Central Tool Room & Training Centre), was established under Technical Co- operation Programme between Governments of India and Denmark. MSME Tool Room, Kolkata provides invaluable technological support to the Industry and ensures that Tool Room technology keeps pace with the rapid growth of Industry, which aims at rapid growth of micro, small & medium scale sector. Since the inception of the organization in 1976 the center has been involved in imparting state of the art skill development training to the candidates across the length and breadth of the country. The center possesses world class training facility.

Similarly, to foster the development of technical studies and to achieve excellence in the field of Science and Technology, MAKAUT came into existence. And over the years it has proved its mettle in organizing undergraduate courses of study in Engineering and Technology, especially in emerging areas. The university now affiliates 160 institutions spread over 15 districts of the state of West Bengal. Postgraduate study is being carried out in 30 of them and research is being carried out for the grooming of scientists, engineers and technologists. MAKAUT continuously search new partners in excellence, be it industry or other institutions of higher learning. The University has intimate and collaborative linkages with national and International research institutes, University and the industries.

To cater the students of the University with state-of-the-art training facility in the streams of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science Engineering, collaboration has been built between CTTC – Kolkata and MAKAUT, West Bengal. This Endeavour will provide the students to delve into the depths of modern-day engineering.

Collaboration between CTTC – Kolkata & MAKAUT, West Bengal

75 Day duration and 30 Day duration Online / Offline Training Courses for the Registered students of MAKAUT, West Bengal , conducted by MSME Tool Room Kolkata (CTTC – Kolkata). The course s are offered at a Twenty Percent ( 20%) discounted rate especially for registered students of MAKAUT, West Bengal , compared to the market price, with state of the art training facility.

These courses are available for registered students of MAKAUT; West Bengal only, at a Twenty Percent (20%) discounted Price. Apart from these courses, if any registered student of MAKAUT intend to undergo any Online / Offline Training Program from the training programs mentioned in the Training Calendar of CTTC – Kolkata (2020 – 2021), he/she will be offered a Twenty Percent (20%) discount on the course fee mentioned in the Training Calendar (2020 – 2021) of CTTC – Kolkata.

The courses will commence on 1 st and 15 th of every month with a minimum batch size of 20 students. If the batch size criteria does not fulfill on any of the batch commencement date (i.e. 1 st or 15th of every month), then the batch will commence on the next batch commencement date (i.e. if batch f ails to commence on 1 st of any month the batch will commence on 15 th of that month considering batch size criteria fulfils. Similarly, if batch fails to commence on 15th of any month the batch will commence on 1 st of next month considering batch size criteria fulfils.)

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