AutoCAD  Duration: 1 Month
Basic & advanced 2D Drafting, draw commands, constraints, modify commands, layers, line types blocks texts, table, dimensioning, isometric, solid modelling, print, etc.
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ I.T.I (Mech. or equivalent)
SOLIDWORKS Duration: 1 Month
Overview of solidworks, geometric tools, sketch tools, create part modelling using different features, Surface & Sheet metal creations, assembly, detailing, flow simulations, Mould Tools etc.
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ I.T.I (Mech. or equivalent)
Creo Duration: 1 Month
Sketch, Part(Solid, Surfaces, Freestyle, Flexible Modelling, Sheet Metal), Assembly, Creo Direct, Creo Simulate, Manufacturing(NC Assembly, Mould Cavity), Drawing.
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ I.T.I (Mech. or equivalent)
CATIA  Duration: 1 Month
Enovia Introduction, Part Design, Generative Shape Design, Generative Sheet Metal Design, Assembly Design, Kinematics Analysis, Drafting, Machining etc.
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ I.T.I (Mech. or equivalent)
ANSYS Duration: 1 Month
Introduction, Structural Analysis – (Static), Modal Analysis, Linear Buckling, Rigid Dynamics, Transient Structural Analysis, Steady -State & Transient Thermal Analysis, Explicit dynamics, Surface optimization, APDL
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ (Mech. or equivalent)
HYPER WORKS Duration: 1 Month
Introduction to FEA, Hypermesh, geometry creation, 2D Meshing,3D Meshing, Mesh Analysis, Optistruct, Introduction to Hyper form/Hyper view.
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ (Mech. or equivalent)
DELCAM Duration: 1 Month
Power Shape – Introduction, Solid Modelling, Surface Modelling, Assembly. Electrode : Introduction, Electrode extraction. Mould Maker : Introduction, Core & Cavity Extraction, Mould creation. Power Mill : Introduction, Tool Path generation with different techniques.
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ I.T.I (Mech. or equivalent)
STAAD Pro Duration: 1 Month
Introduction, Model generation, Assigning loads, Creating load combination, Concrete Design, Steel Design, Water tank Design, Transmission Tower Design, Report Generation etc.
Eligibility: BE/B.Tech(Civil or equivalent)
3D Printing & 3D Scanning Duration: 1 Month
3D Printing & 3D Scanning (Batch Size: 20 Nos.) (First Come First Serve Basis) Course Coordinator – Mr. Arjun Biswas (Mobile: 9830487179)
Eligibility: Class 10/ Vocational Course/ I.T.I/ Diploma/ B. Tech
CNC Wire EDM Duration: 1 or 2 Month
Introduction & history of EDM and Wire EDM, knowledge about EDM machining technology. Basic knowledge & operating of a CNC Wire EDM Machine, Manual programming. CAM programming with CAD-Link Software, practically set and cut a job. Course Coordinator – Mr. Arjun Biswas (Mobile: 9830487179)
Eligibility: BE/ Diploma/ I.T.I.
NX 10 Duration: 1 Month
Introduction of NX, Sketch, Part Modeling, Surface Modelling, Surface Modelling, Drafting, Assembly, Core and Cavity Extraction, Machining etc. Course Coordinator – Mr. Anindya Kr. Das (Mobile: 9903201942)
Eligibility: BE/Diploma(Mech. or equivalent)

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